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Surmet wins ACerS Corporate Technical Achievement Award

ACerS established the Corporate Technical Achievement Award in 1986 to recognize and honor a single outstanding technical achievement in the field of ceramics. The award recognizes and honors achievements that show significant technical merit and represent a gain to society through commercialization of the technology within the preceding eight years.

Surmet has demonstrated that large, highly transparent, non-oxide, polycrystalline ceramics can be manufactured for high performance multi-functional applications. This is an important milestone in the advancement of ceramic technologies. In addition to providing safety for soldiers and military equipment, broader commercial applications are expected from the technology,” according to the CTAA award committee’s recommendation to the ACerS Board of Directors.

“Bringing ALON to the marketplace is a very satisfying accomplishment indeed….Surmet has been able to carve out a special niche in the highly cost competitive global market place,” said Dr. Suri Sastri, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Surmet Corp. “Surmet’s motto since its founding in 1982 has been “To take inventions from the lab to the production floor”. This is more easily said than done as most inventions die in the lab and never make it to the commercial market place.”

“The longer I have worked on ALON the more I have come to appreciate what a monumental undertaking it has been and continues to be…” said Dr. Lee Goldman, VP and CTO of Optical ceramics at Surmet.

“This is a great honor and puts Surmet and ALON in a very select group of companies with elite products such as Corning’s Gorilla® Glass, 3M’s Cubitron® among other past winners.” said Uday Kashalikar, Director of Armor Products at Surmet.

ALON transparent armor provides higher than 50% weight savings over glass based armor, improving system performance and cutting life-cycle cost. ALON is finding insertion opportunities in a number of military applications leading to systems-level benefits. Some of the products, developed and supplied by Surmet include ALON® domes for missile systems, windows for aircraft based reconnaissance pods; and ALON Transparent Armor for commercial private jet aircrafts, for military helicopters and tactical ground vehicles.

Today Surmet produces ALON® components in tonnage quantities, with consistent high quality, in large sizes and with complex geometries. As an example, Surmet recently produced and delivered 18x35-in ALON® windows for a transparent armor application. These are the largest transparent ceramic armor windows that have ever been produced.

Founded in 1982, Surmet Corporation is an Advanced Materials Technology and Solutions company, with a vertically integrated manufacturing capability for ALON® and Spinel optical ceramic products. Surmet is headquartered in Burlington, MA and has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Buffalo, NY and Murrieta, CA.

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Surmet thanks the US DoD for their funding support.

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