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Products & Applications

Transparent Armor

ALON® is the standard for highly effective and affordable transparent armor systems —
now and into the future

For aerospace and defense markets, Surmet has developed weight efficient transparent armor technology based on its ALON® optical ceramic material. ALON® transparent armor offers a lightweight solution to defeat a wide range of projectile threats, including 30calAPM2, M993 and 50calAPM2 rounds, as well as IED threats, at half the weight and thickness of current glass-based transparent armor. ALON® transparent armor also provides excellent Night Vision Goggle performance, and outstanding environmental durability. Surmet's transparent armor has obtained FAA certification and has been inserted onto flying aircraft.

Direct Fire & Blast Protection

ALON® armor solutions provide a 50% reduction in weight and thickness compared to current glass-based solutions. Thanks to its high hardness – 3x that of glass – the ALON® strike face disintegrates and erodes projectile cores more effectively.

Situational and Threat Awareness

ALON® Transparent Armor provides superior situational awareness capability for war-fighters from the safety of an armored vehicle — both during the day, through visual detection, and under low light conditions, through the use of Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

Environmental Durability

ALON® Transparent Armor excels in preventing non-ballistic failures such as sandstorm damage, rock strikes and delamination caused by environmental exposure. ALON®-based armor solutions can reduce the cost and greatly extend the operating life of critical transparent components.

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