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Transparent ALON® Optical Ceramic to the Rescue

The availability of exciting new material, ALON® Optical Ceramic, couldn’t have come at a better time for many critical applications, as large quantities of sapphire are being diverted to the clean energy lighting market. Customers of sapphire, who are left high and dry, now have a ‘preferred’ alternative. ALON® will meet or beat performance specifications of sapphire in most applications, and unlike sapphire, it is immediately available for your use.

With broadband transparency (UV  MWIR) and with a cubic crystal structure, ALON® is transparent in its polycrystalline form. This is significant as it means that ALON® components can be made using conventional and versatile ceramic powder processing techniques to complex geometries, in larger sizes and varying thicknesses. In addition to its transparency, ALON® Optical Ceramic combines excellent mechanical, physical, electrical and chemical properties. It is optically superior in that it is not birefringent like Sapphire is.

Surmet has invested heavily to establish a robust manufacturing capability for this advanced transparent ceramic which is already inserted into a number of military applications such as missile domes, visible and infrared sensor windows and advanced transparent armor.

ALON® Optical Ceramic is now available for your evaluation and use. Please contact us and find out how this amazing transparent advanced ceramic can help you with your application. To find ou

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