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Domes & Lenses for Optics Systems

Short-wave (SWIR) and Mid-wave (MWIR) Infrared Optics are used widely in defense applications for surveillance, imaging, targeting, etc.

In addition to its unbeatable environmental durability, Surmet’s ALON® and Spinel provide excellent optical transmittance in the visible and midwave infrared regions of the EM spectrum.


Surmet is fully vertically integrated manufacturer of ALON® and Spinel Domes (both hemispherical and hyper hemispherical) as well as Lenses (aspherical/spherical), in large quantities. Surmet’s in-house capabilities include blank making, precision fabrication and Anti-reflective coatings.

Surmet's ALON hyper hemispherical dome

Surmet is supplying ALON® Hyper Hemispherical Domes for protective infrared countermeasure systems. The hyperhemispherical shape provides a broad field of view.


Surmet has also been supplying ALON® hemispherical domes for Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) system as well.


Surmet has delivered over 2,000 finished Spinel lenses over the years for one of the most widely fielded advanced Sniper targeting pod systems. 

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