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Products & Applications

Aluminum Nitride Powder

Surmet is the only US-based manufacturer and supplier with the ability to produce tonnage quantities of high quality AlN powder. Surmet's 75,000 sq ft Buffalo, NY facility has been producing AlN for over 30 years.

  • Surmet has capabilities to produce powder using both carbothermal reduction and nitridation as well as direct nitridation

  • Currently commercially available powder grades are produced via direct nitridation.

  • Surmet is in the process of scaling up its carbothermal powder product. 

  • Surmet's 75,000 sq ft facility in Buffalo, NY has the production capacity to produce tens of tons of powder including powder characterization capabilities such as particle size analysis, XRD, surface area, carbon analyzer, etc.

  • Water-resistant "WR" grade of powders available for water/moisture sensitive applications.

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Commercially available Powder - A100 grade
  • Made using Direct Nitridation approach

  • Typically used for thermally conductive filler applications

  • Available in tonnage quantities

  • Available with or without water resistant (WR) coating (WR grades are available at additional cost)

  • Filler polymers with thermal conductivity as high as 5W/m.K depending on polymer type and loading.

  • Can be used for producing sintered AlN products with thermal conductivity as high as Thermal Conductivity as high as 100 W/m.K

Surmet's A100 grade powder Scanning Electron microscope image
Sintered AlN Products
  • In addition to powder production, Surmet has capabilities to produce and supply large and complex sintered AlN products for specialty applications.

  • Surmet's unique in-house manufacturing capabilities for producing transparent ceramics such as ALON  including large isostatic press, heat treatment furnaces, machining/fabrication equipment can be used for AlN.

  • Surmet has produced some large and complex geometry parts (see photo on the left) with thermal conductivities of over 200W/m.K.

AIN Products

In addition to powder production, Surmet is capable of producing and supplying sintered AlN products. To meet the growing demand for thermal management, Surmet is developing copper metalized Aluminum Nitride tapes, net-shaped complex 3D structures and composites. Advanced products such as AlN micro-channel reactors and AlN substrates with novel embedded metallic structures are under development.

Sintered AlN
  • High thermal conductivity

  • High electrical resistivity

  • Thermal expansion coefficient close to that of Silicon

  • Resistance to corrosion and erosion

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance

  • Chemically stable up to 980°C in H2 and CO2 atmospheres, and in air up to 1380°C (surface oxidation occurs around 780°C; the surface layer protects the bulk up to 1380°C).

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