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Products & Applications

PA-CVD Technologies
  • PA-CVD based Coating capabilities:

    • UHP Amorphous Silicon

    • Wear-resistant hard protective coatings – DLC, Si-based ceramics (SiC, SiCN, SiN and SiON)

    • Anti-Reflection Coatings – Si based (SiOx, SiN, SiON)

    • Hard, scratch-resistant Transparent Coatings – Si/Al based ceramics

    • RIE – Removal of various coatings including DLC, SiN, TaO, SiOx, etc.

SiC and SiCN
  • Hard and durable

  • Measured nano-hardness of over 25 GPa

  • Tailorable electrical resistance (range from 106 to 1011 Ohm).

  • Strongly Adherent to most substrates with tailored proprietary interlayers

  • Very Low Deposition Temperatures, <150°C

  • Thickness up to tens of microns possible

Optically Transparent Hard Coatings
  • SiOx, SiN, SiON and other Si based coatings
    Compositions can be tailored to customer requirements

  • Ultra-high purity

  • Can be deposited on various substrate types

  • Thickness up to several microns

  • Very low deposition temperatures, <150°C

  • Anti-reflection performance to transparent ceramic optics

Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
  • Tailored processes to remove various coatings

  • Capable of removing DLC, SiC, Multilayered coatings, SixNy, etc, without significantly altering substrate roughness

  • Thickness up to several microns can be removed

thumbnail_image002 copy.png
Our Si-cladding enables Figure and Finish in SiC Space Telescope Mirrors
Low Temperature Amorphous Silicon Cladding
  • Featureless Amorphous microstructure

  • Diamond-turnable, MRF'able, and Polishable, achieved TWFE performance as low as 0.015 to RMS

  • Very Low Deposition Temperature, <100°C

  • Not "line of sight" process, can coat complex shapes

  • Strongly Adherent to many substrates

  • Thickness from sub-micron to 55 microns achieved

  • Applied on various substrate materials, including polymers

  • Ultra-high Purity, impurities <10 ppm

  • Current size capability up to ~32in. diam., can scale up if required


Coated interior of 36-in. production chamber for Semiconductor Fab - provides dust and contamination-free surface

Surmet's PACVD and PVD Coatings Technologies

Products & Applications

Capabilities – PVD
  • Various metals, metal oxides, metal oxynitrides, metal nitrides.
    Compositions can be tailored to customer requirements

  • Can be deposited on various substrate types

  • Thicknesses of up to several microns

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